Core Values

Passion For Results

Pak Poly Industries show enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do and are committed to produce and deliver high quality products and services.

Extraordinary Customer Services

We are dedicated to satisfying customer's needs and give high priority to the commitments that we make to them.


We implement proper accountability system in each department for the smooth running of our business activities.

Continuous Innovation

We take pride in our ability to adapt quickly to a changing business environment and to be competitive in the world of Acrylic.


We are quite concerned about the surrounding communities we live in, we respect our environment and we are committed to comply with all environmental requirements to become a role model by integrating environmental friendly technologies within our processes.

Global Network

We are accumulating the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver excellent services to our international clients, wherever they do business with us.


We consider our employees as the most valuable asset and are committed to improve their health and wellbeing. Our working environment ensures full compliances with the relevant occupational health, legal obligations and applicable standards.


Over the years we have developed a reputation of an Industry with High Safety Standards. Safe working conditions and employee's safety awareness programs have significantly reduced the frequency of accidents.